Architect Student Converts Old Bus Into Luxury Rolling Home

Architect student Hank Butitta has a new home, although its on wheels. He made it with his own hands, and a little help from his friends, from an old bus he found on Craigslist.

Butitta got tired of designing buildings that didn’t exist for imaginary clients in school and wanted to work with his hands on something tangible. So he bought a bus off Craigslist and, with help from friend Justin Evidon and brother Vince, they spent nearly 14 weeks converting the run-down old bus into a sleek, modular living environment complete with a kitchen, bathroom, beds, storage, and even a floor made from wood panels stripped from an old gymnasium.






Here are some of the images I created for Topp’s new series of trading cards, Star Wars: Chrome Perspectives.
It was a blast to make them, and I’m gratified that the folks who’ve seen them seem to dig them.

I love these. 

I’d frame and hang the Imperial posters. I think all my guests would be full of dread.



Game Grumps are officially the best fucking people!


ESPECIALLY Danny, he so often is saying awesome things like ‘gender neutral’ as an option for random beasties that they don’t know the gender of, and says ‘they are whatever they identify as’ LIKE BRO

They, in my eyes, are officially so far from being transphobic or non-binary erasive and that makes me so happy because I love them so much t begin with

I fuckin love Danny and Arin